3 Furniture Features to Boost Functionality and Success

Front Desks, Consult Tables, and Styling Stations

June 20, 2017


When Salon Today Magazine asked us for some quick (but, oh, so important) tips to keep in mind when choosing furniture for your salon or spa, we couldn’t help but share some of our expertise. From front to back and everything in between, the choices that you make for your salon/spa space can have a BIG impact on, not only the look of your space but the functionality and success of your business.


#1 – The Front Desk

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Illuminated Front Desk

When selecting a front desk for the retail area, take into consideration the overall size of your space.  Choose a desk that is proportionate to the space and not something that will be too large in scale for what you need.  A streamlined look is more aesthetically appealing and will help prevent “cluttering” that is visible to guests. 


Our Illuminated Front Desk is the perfect place to greet your guests and draw them into your salon or spa with ease. Made with environmentally-friendly LED lights, this 6ft. long front desk helps to highlight your retail space. Featuring ample storage shelving and drawers to keep everything organized and efficient for your front line. Durable and long-lasting MDF construction available in standard Chocolate or White Laminate, or a custom color/finish.


#2 – A Consult Table


A consult table is a great way to provide seating in the retail while allowing guests to experience products first-hand.  Your

Community Table & Stool Set

retail specialists can work with clients to let them sample promotional items, new items, etc. to help increase retail sales.  It provides a dedicated area for product interaction for guests that would otherwise just be sitting and waiting for their service.


Our Community Table & Stool Set is perfect for adding personality and creating a warm and welcoming hub within your retail space. It is thoughtfully designed and built from beautiful and environmentally-friendly North American reclaimed wood. This table has been designed with your clients in mind and has four hidden purse hooks for convenience. Available with an optional smoky glass top available to protect table surface.


#3 – Styling Stations


Houston Styling Station - Single-Sided, LED-lit

Consider purchasing and investing in a station that has built-in lighting around the mirror.  It can be challenging to get the right amount of light in a space and even more challenging to get it positioned correctly around the stations. A lit mirror provides individual task lighting at each station, making it easier and more effective when cutting and applying color.


Our Houston Styling Station epitomizes true southern charm. Reminiscent of classic vanity tables that you could once find in every house in the South, the Houston Collection is a throwback design to a time of intricate detail and classic beauty. These stations feature an LED-lit frame on the mirror, built-in power outlets, convenient storage drawers and ledge, and colonial pillar-style legs. Available in a variety of configurations and finishes/colors.



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