All About: Concept Benefits for Aveda Salons

March 14, 2017

Did you know that if you are an Aveda Concept or Lifestyle salon/spa, you can redeem up to 50% of your Novvo Etopa order for free Aveda product?

Novvo Etopa is the exclusive vendor of a complete line of official Aveda-approved retail furniture and fixtures that are eligible for the Aveda Concept Benefits program.


Learn more about the Aveda Concept Benefits Program:


What is the Aveda Concept Benefits Program?

The Concept Benefits Program offered by Aveda for Concept and Lifestyle salons/spas is an innovative program that helps to subsidize some of the additional expenses that salons need to invest in to succeed, such as ongoing education, marketing, and furniture upgrades.


Do you qualify?

In order to be eligible for the Concept Benefit Program, a location must be listed as an “active” participating Aveda Concept or Lifestyle salon/spa and appropriate paperwork must be on file with Aveda Customer Relations.


Please check with your Aveda directly, your distributor or for any specific questions about your account status.


What is the Co-Marketing Fund?

There are a couple of different ‘funds’ available within the Concept Benefits Program. Novvo Etopa furniture is applicable to the Co-Marketing Fund. The fund assigns a dollar amount (based on your yearly purchases) that can be applied to a variety of out-of-pocket marketing expenses, specifically those that help you co-promote the Aveda brand and yours locally. Your costs are reimbursed by Aveda or your distributor, up to 50% of the value, into a fund that can be used to purchase retail product. The total amount that you can be reimbursed depends on your Aveda purchases from the previous fiscal year.


Which Novvo Etopa products qualify for the program?

We have a dedicated section of our website that exclusively has Aveda fixtures, furniture and accessories, making it easy to shop and know exactly which items can be submitted for the Concept Benefits Program!


Shop our entire Aveda-line HERE


Important note regarding Novvo Etopa orders and Concept Benefits: Novvo Etopa issues invoices upon the order shipping and Aveda will only accept the formal and completed invoice (not the quote or order) for Concept Benefits submissions. Please take this into account when placing your order.


When is the deadline to submit invoices?

This year, the deadline to submit your invoices to your distributor is June 1, 2017. This is to make sure that there is enough time for the distributor to submit the invoice to Aveda and for them to process it and have time to put the credit into your account for you to use to buy Aveda retail product.


Do the funds ever expire?

Use them, or lose them! Unfortunately, if you do not use the amount available in your co-marketing fund for that fiscal year, the balance does not carry forward to the next fiscal year. Here are some IMPORTANT DATES to keep in mind:


  • June 1st is usually the final date that you can submit your invoices (please check with your distributor or Aveda to confirm).
  • July 1st, the fund will reset.

HOW TO: Get your FREE Aveda retail products

1. Update your space with amazing furniture by Novvo Etopa (Aveda-Approved)

2. Submit the invoice to Aveda for approval.

3. Aveda or your distributor will then apply up to 50% of the order value as a credit on your account that you may use towards the purchase of Aveda retail product for your salon/spa.


For full Concept Benefits Program details, visit


Please speak directly with Aveda or your Aveda SDP/Partner for specific information about your account.