How the Right Retail Shelving Can Make You More Money

Tips and Strategies for Increasing Your Profits

October 16, 2017


Does your business sell retail product and merchandise to your customers? If you answered ‘YES, then you officially need to pay close attention.


The cornerstone of any retail environment is, of course, the products that you sell but believe it or not, a lot of the pressure also falls on the shelving and displays that the product sits on. The truth is, it plays a bigger role in your retail sales than you might imagine. What is it about retail shelving that can have such an effect on your business? And what should you look for in a retail shelving design if you want to increase sales? 



What the display looks like, the inclusion or absence of certain elements, and also where the fixtures are placed has a significant effect on the initial attraction, maintenance of attention, and the movements and flow of customers through your retail space. However, don’t let overcomplicated consumer/behavioral psychology fool you – it’s really quite simple. In an ideal world, your product displays should highlight and attract customers to the products, keep them browsing and focused with the help of merchandising schematics, and create an enhanced environment that provides structure and guidance in an open space. If you find that this is not the case, or if you’re just looking to upgrade your existing shelving, here are our TOP 3 things to look for in a retail fixture/shelving unit to help you increase your retail sales:




Why? By drawing customers in towards the products, it allows the lighting to do some of your preliminary sales work. You will quickly notice that the perception of your brand as well as the increase in product sales is well worth the initial investment.




Why? Ever wonder why product photos are nearly always displayed against a white background? Not only is it a cleaner, and generally less cluttered look, it actually allows the customer's eye to more easily focus on the products themselves. Their brains are then able to process that information; the brand name, color, type, use etc., much more quickly and efficiently.




Why? Keeping your retail shelves fully stocked and organized is essential. Consumers are less likely to pick up a product from the shelf and purchase it if it is the last remaining one there. This means that restocking shelves on a daily or hourly basis is vital and to be able to do that without your staff ever having to leave the front line is ideal.


New Product Feature:

Luxe Retail Shelving Unit


Our new Luxe Unit is EVERYTHING!

We created our brand new Luxe Retail Shelving Unit as the be-all-end-all for retail area display shelves! Every detail of the design has been to highlight your products and increase your profits. But not only that, they are manufactured with a durable, long-lasting and yet lightweight 1” steel tube metal construction, feature premium glass shelves and are finished with eco-friendly powder coat paint. This unit will stand the test of time. The shelves are also perfectly spaced to allow for various product sizes; big, small, and everything in between.


Not only have they been designed to make your retail space a fool-proof profit-promoting environment, they are easy to install, arriving nearly fully assembled and ready to stock!


Available in 3ft. & 4ft. widths as well as LED-lit or unlit. Custom colors and sizing are also available.