Our Very Own CINDARELLA Story

July 31, 2017


There’s no Prince Charming or missing glass slipper (we can dream) but we are excited to announce that Novvo Etopa is now a proud distributor of Cindarella Paris salon and spa furniture and equipment across the US and Canada!



Mademoiselle Styling Chair

Cindarella Paris has been in business since 1960, manufacturing their exclusive pieces in workshops across the Paris region of France. Their unique process uses a combination of highly-skilled designers, craftsman, and artisans along with technically precise, state-of-the-art technology to complete their elegant and modern collections. Cindarella Paris has achieved the perfect balance between the experience of the past, changes in today’s market and the needs of the customer.


Key product offerings from Cindarella Paris include (click to see):

  • Styling Chairs
  • Backwash Units and Shampoo Sinks
  • Styling Stations
  • Stools
  • Desks
  • MORE


Bringing Cindarella into the Novvo Etopa family was a carefully thought-out decision. Here’s what our President, George Civello, has to say about the Cindarella brand:



Manon Backwash

“The saying, ‘Made in France,’ is synonymous with both quality and artistry for a reason. We fell in love with Cindarella’s use of stunning materials, integration of highly-prominent Parisian designers, and outstanding craftsmanship. A lot of these elements are a true game-changer for the salon/spa industry. It was for these reasons, along with our own obsession with quality and cutting-edge design that we knew Novvo Etopa would be a great vehicle to further Cindarella’s presence in North America while expanding our own product offerings.” – George Civello, President of Novvo Etopa



We have selected some top-sellers and favorites for display on our website for you to browse. However, if you are looking for the full catalogue of products available, the best place to look is directly on the Cindarella website. Then, simply let us know what items caught your eye as well as any color options, add-ons, etc. and we will work hand in hand with Cindarella on your behalf. Depending on finishes and quantities, lead times for Cindarella products are between 6-8 weeks but will be confirmed upon order confirmation.


 “We know that our customers are going to love the amazing designs and quality Parisian craftsmanship that Cindarella brings to the salon/spa furniture and equipment world.” -  George Civello


We invite you to take a look around the Cindarella website and browse their amazing designs – now available through Novvo Etopa!